Why Join Dancesport Scotland 

To compete at Novice level and above it is necessary to join/register with a National Governing Body of Dance , i.e. Dancesport Scotland, English Amateur Dancesport Association (EADA) or the Welsh Amateur Dancesport Association if in Wales, this being a rule of the British Dance Council. 

For medallists, social dancers, beginners or anyone interested in dance there are also plenty of advantages in becoming a member of Dancesport Scotland.

Five Chart rated events are organised by SD throughout the year. Apart from giving Scottish Dancers the camaraderie of dancing in their own Country without long journeys south these comps also help to structure the selection process for couples to represent Scotland at World and European events.

  • You'll receive at least six newsletters a year which will keep you up to date with the news,competitons and social and practice nights.
  • You will get concessionary entry rates to the main Sunday circuit competitions.
  • Perhaps your looking for a dance partner... then you could advertise in the Newsletter or on the Web site
  • You will have access to a wealth of knowledge about dancing and advice on how to get started and/or progress from where you are.
  • You will be able to attend the Squad Training courses held throughout the year in Scotland.
  • You will have joined a happy band of enthusiasts who take part in a healthy activity, which has the full backing of the British Heart Foundation.


Membership Sections are as follows:

  • ADULT (OVER 16 Years) Competitor
  • ADULT (Over 16 years) Non Competitor
  • JUNIOR (12/16 Years) Competitor
  • JUNIOR (12/16 Years) Non Competitor
  • JUVENILE (Under 12) Competitor
  • JUVENILE (Under 12) Non competitor
  • SENIOR CITIZENS Non competitor
  • PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATE MEMBERS (Professional membership froms available on request)
  • DISCO/FREESTYLE All grades/ ages

Application forms are available in the downloads section.