Falkirk Spring Event 2020

Welcome to the Falkirk Spring Event 2020 competition registration page!

The registration form is divided into three section to reflect the different types of competitions during the day that require separate numbers for competitors.

The registration form is divided into the following sections:

• Couple Dances (both members of a couple are competing in the same age group i.e. both competitors are Juveniles or Juniors or Adults or Seniors)

• Adult and Child Dances

• Solo Dance

On the next page you will be able to register for the competition in the above mentioned section, however, before you do so, you will need to confirm that you are familiar with the dress code for the competition.


Dress Code

All Dancesport Scotland competitions are held under BDC rules, and therefore, all competitors must comply with the dress code relevant to their category as detailed in the BDC Rule Book. If you are not yet familiar with the dress code, please read it here (Section 54 - Page 28, Appendix 4 - pages 59-61).

Non compliance with the dress code may result in the couple or competitor being disqualified from the competition.

Invalid Input

Please select the relevant button below to begin your registration. If you wish to compete in more than one style, you need to complete registrations for each style listed below.