New update regarding the Falkirk Competition on Sunday 24th (Posted 29/9/17)

Dancesport Scotland is aware of concerns being expressed in regard to certain inaccuracies that have become evident in the marks and placings awarded to last Sunday's competition at Falkirk. 

This is a situation which we wish to have resolved, with the minimum of delay, and we continue to work to achieve that goal.  However, without being able to go into the details at this stage of how the current situation has arisen, we need to ensure that the data available to us is both accurate and correct before a final version of the outcomes can be made available to everyone. 

We readily appreciate the frustration that the current situation will cause some members but, until we can be certain of the accuracy of the information available to us, we request that you bear with us for a further period of time before final marks and placings are published. 

We cannot put a precise timescale on when this will be, but rest assured we are working to achieve that outcome as speedily as possible.

We have received a number of communications to date from those present on Sunday the 24th.  If there are any further comments that you wish to feed back to us, can you please e-mail Ken Brown - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for your continued patience.

The Dancesport Scotland Committee


A Statement regarding the Falkirk Competition on Sunday 24th (Posted 25/9/17)

We, the committee of Dancesport Scotland, deeply regret and sincerely apologise for the manner in which the Falkirk Provost Trophy day ended, which we recognise as an entirely unsatisfactory outcome.

The committee will publish the results of the Latin American sections as soon as they are available and arrangements will be made to present or deliver prizes. 

The executive committee intends to hold a full investigation into the facts and circumstances of this matter at the earliest possible opportunity. Until the investigation has been completed, no further comment will be made by the committee.