Re-opening of Dance Schools

Sport Scotland has issued 2 documents covering what can and cannot be done to re-start sport in Scotland.  This advice in the Phase 3 update is of particular importance to our professional members. The document is generic and is aimed at sports clubs, but it applies to all dance schools throughout Scotland. For those schools and members outwith Scotland, please consult the advice issued by the Government appropriate to your place of business.

Whilst following this advice is imperative for our professional members, those of you who attend classes or lessons should familiarise yourselves with the terms of this document, so that you will know what to expect on arrival at your classes or lessons. 

The other document requires each club, in our case school, in Scotland to appoint a designated Covid officer as a point of contact. We will assume that each of our professional members fulfils that role for their respective schools unless we are otherwise informed.

We hope that you all continue to stay safe.

Relevant Docuemnts:

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