The purpose of this Code is to set out the standards of behaviour expected of all Dancesport Scotland members.

Principles of the Code

This Code is founded on the principles of respect, courtesy, fairness, honesty and equality.

General Conduct expected of all members

As a member, I and anyone under the age of 21 for whom I have responsibility, will:

  • treat everyone with courtesy and respect; this includes in person at DS events, in writing, when online; and when using social media and is not limited to DS members only
  • will treat everyone equally and will not discriminate on the basis of race, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, disability, religion or belief, marital status, or pregnancy/maternity
  • act to ensure that the DS policy in relation to Child Protection is followed
  • not behave in any way that could be viewed as bullying or harassment, remembering that such behaviour can be physical, verbal and non-verbal
  • not behave in any way that could bring DS as an organisation into disrepute
  • not stand by should I know that the above are being contravened in some way but will report my concerns to a member of the DS Council
  • if a competitor, accept that the decision of the chair of the adjudicators is final and that I shall not, at any time, seek to curry favour with judges or seek to influence them either positively for my own benefit or negatively to disadvantage another competitor
  • not, at any time encourage any action contrary to this Code.

Breaches of the Code

Any alleged breaches of the Code will be investigated according to the nature of the breach and could result in sanctions against a member, should they be found to be valid.